Tommy Zoom

Tommy Zoom is a young superhero, ably assisted by Daniel the dog, who does battle with his arch nemesis Polluto and cat Smogg who are hell-bent on destroying the planet.

The series is aimed at 4 – 6 year-olds and was part of the CBeebies channel refresh in April 2007.

Each episode begins and ends with a live-action sequence, narrated by Daniel, in which Tommy is faced with a dilemma. Daniel will pose the question, “What should Tommy do? What would Tommy Zoom do?”

Alternative View was commissioned to create 30, 4.5-minute animated episodes. We conceptualised the characters and worlds as well as storyboarding, developing the animatics, creating the animation and post-producing each episode.

Polluto is trying to paint the world purple. Can Tommy Zoom and Daniel stop him?

Polluto is trying to turn the world’s fruit into sickly sweets. Can Tommy and Daniel stop him?

Monsta Mega Mucky Truck
Polluto tries to trick Tommy into driving a truck that could poison the planet.

Stop the Rot
Will Tommy and Daniel manage to stop Polluto from stealing the world’s compost supply?

Steel Thunder
Tommy takes the glory when Daniel finds one of Mum’s favourite brooches. Will Daniel get the credit he deserves?