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Resilience Wall Framework

The Resilience Wall Framework is an evidence-based interactive tool designed to help a child or young person, school, or family understand and review their levels of resilience in different aspects of their lives. By working through the Framework at a pace that suits them, over time, they can set out a plan of action that helps improve resilience by making practical changes to their day-to-day lives. There is also a range of tips, clips and signposts to various organisations that can support them on their journey to becoming more resilient.

It’s all about building resilience brick-by-brick.

Jointly commissioned by the NHS, the framework is available in English, Polish and Chinese.

This tool originates from the Resilience Framework, based on Resilient Therapy (RT), the name given to the set of ideas and practices originally developed by BoingBoing in 2007.

Resilience Wall Framework