Cambridge University Press & Assessment

Puzzle Squares game for learning

Puzzle Squares was designed and developed as part of a suite of games for leaning for the Cambridge University Press & Assessment, English Language Teaching (ELT) department.

It’s based on a flexible template that can be used to create games based on finding objects and words for younger age groups, adapting to focus on spelling and sentence creation exercises for older learners. The game was designed ‘mobile first’.

As with all the Press & Assessment HTML5 games for learning, the visual design, animation, music and sound of the Puzzle Squares template can be modified using a bespoke Games Editor tool. With a simple interface, this tool allows the team at Press & Assessment to create unique scenarios and themes and produce multiple game types with a wide variety of text-based and audio-visual content suited to the subject, age group and education level.

Puzzle Squares can be played while taking courses such as Prepare, Unlock, Storyfun and Kids Box 2nd Editions which can be accessed from the CambridgeOne platform on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

If you’re interested in the technical info…

The games are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They utilise the React library and are rendered using PixiJS with the game and theme content being loaded via JSON files. The games adhere to the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 Level AA where possible

The Games Editor is built using the Laravel PHP framework.