Nature Quest exhibition

Nature Quest was exhibited at the W5, Belfast’s award-winning science and discovery centre.

Working with Aivaf who designed and built the exhibition and W5, Alternative View created 4 interactives:

1) Sound Walk which allows children to explore the sounds they hear at the coast and countryside surrounding the W5 in Northern Ireland.

2) Virtual Pond so children can discover life cycles and learn who eats who above and below the water.

3) ‘Can I sneak up on you?’ challenge which uses sensors to allow visitors to explore the best way to approach wildlife without scaring it away! The sensors were linked to the Flash animations via a USB interface board. Alternative View also illustrated the backdrop for the interactive.

4) Garden Survival Challenge. First children choose a bird, then a garden, nesting site and food the bird likes to eat. If they choose correctly the bird has chicks and survives the winter.