Alternative View Studios

Connect with nature – boost your wellbeing

Since the pandemic, we’ve become more aware of our mental health and wellbeing – what works and what doesn’t for us personally.

Living in London is great, but sometimes it can feel a bit much! Getting out into quieter, wild spaces and becoming more aware of the natural world definitely helps our wellbeing.

We wanted to illustrate the contrast between a busy, densely populated area and the tranquillity of Woodberry Wetlands, which team with wildlife, and include some of the themes from a recent animation, Leap – Brent Gets Wilder.

The dramatic 180-degree pan, which enabled us to do this, was built in 3D using Blender and combined with 2D collage-style illustration and animation in After Effects.

This animation promotes Woodberry Wetlands as a valuable resource for wildlife and encourages more people to visit their local wild space.