Why choose HTML5 games over apps?

Games can be used to educate, train and promote… whilst being fun at the same time.

The mobile games and apps market is huge and increasing daily, with the most successful games being downloaded millions of times worldwide, but what makes HTML5 games different from apps?

HTML5 games are playable on desktop, tablet and mobile with no upload to Apple or Google App Stores necessary (therefore saving time and money).

Because there’s no need to download an app to play a HTML5 game, they are simple, cost-effective and offer instant access.

The games can be played directly from your website, engaging users with interactive content providing feedback and data on key issues. Google Analytics can be added to the game so stakeholders can see exactly how successful it has been.  

For example

Alternative View Studios made a series of 10 HTML5 game engines for Cambridge University Press to help students learn English as a foreign language.  

Once the game engine was created, text and image content was easily updated, which meant literally hundreds of versions of the games were developed at very little cost.

One of our most successful games – Sentence Runner is a parkour-inspired game where players jump from rooftop to rooftop to choose the correct word that completes a sentence. Feedback is provided on what students got right and wrong.

Cambridge University Press games

FootballMaths Club is a prototype quest game for Key Stage 2 students that combines exploration and maths puzzles.

Football Maths Club

For other types of games, a call to action is added on completion. Games can also be linked to a scoring system and a learner’s progress chart via an API, if desired.


A game can be easily ‘re-skinned’ to complement your company or organisation’s branding.

If at a later date you decide to create a mobile app, the HTML5 game can be adapted using an app wrapper and uploaded to both Apple and Google App Stores.

So that’s an overview of the benefits of HTML5 games. If you’re thinking of creating a game for your business or would like to speak to us about exploring game options, we’d love to hear from you.

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