Why explainer animations work for charities

Explainer animations are powerful tools for charities, enabling them to effectively convey their message, inspire action, and attract support. 

In a landscape of information overload where attention spans are fleeting, explainer animations offer a concise and engaging way to communicate complex messages. The creativity and flexibility animations offer allow charities and not-for-profit organisations to articulate messages they can’t through a standard film. Here are six reasons why explainer animations are particularly great for charities and not-for-profit organisations:

Visual Engagement

Explainer animations use engaging visuals to capture attention and compellingly convey information. By combining bespoke characters and backgrounds with special effects, charities can create visually stimulating content that resonates with audiences emotionally – crucial for holding the viewer’s interest and communicating the charity’s message.

Simplified Communication

Charities often deal with complex issues and concepts that may be difficult for the average person to understand. Explainer animations provide a platform to simplify and distil this information into easily digestible segments. Through well-written scripts and visually-driven storytelling, charities can break down complex topics into bite-sized chunks accessible to a broad audience.

Increased Reach

Unlike traditional forms of communication, such as lengthy reports or dense articles, explainer animations are highly accessible to diverse audiences. Charities can easily share their animations across multiple digital channels, reaching individuals who may have yet to engage with their cause. Users will share your animation on social media if it’s entertaining and engaging and strikes a conversation. Creating great content presents huge opportunities for your organisation to be at the centre of the conversation.

Videos can work wonders for your SEO

People enjoy watching videos that captivate them, so if they’re researching information related to your organisation’s cause online and come across your explainer animation, there’s a high chance they’ll watch it before visiting your website, when people watch your video on your website, their time on your site increases. 

Why is this important? Because Google values browsing time, having a video on your website will send good signals to those search engines and boost your rankings. In other words, your site is more likely to appear higher in Google if you have a video embedded into it.

Memorable Messaging

In a crowded digital landscape, charities must stand out and make a lasting impression. Explainer animations offer an unforgettable way to communicate key messages and brand identity. By utilising vibrant visuals, memorable characters, and catchy soundtracks, charities can create animations that leave a lasting imprint on viewers’ minds. This increased memorability can lead to greater brand recognition, engagement, and support for the charity’s cause.

Return on Investment

We’re all familiar with the term Return on Investment. It’s arguably one of the main things charities worry about when deciding their communications activities. Yes, a good quality animation requires a reasonable budget, but we’ve been developing animations for the charitable sector for over ten years, and our clients tell us they have the greatest ROI; it’s money well spent. Don’t forget your animations can be repurposed by creating shorter clips that can form an integral part of your social media content strategy – creating even more bang for your buck.

In conclusion, explainer animations are invaluable for charities seeking to effectively communicate their message, inspire action, and drive positive change. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, simplified communication, emotional engagement, and cost-effectiveness, charities can harness the full potential of explainer animations to reach new audiences and deepen connections with existing supporters.

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