Making the most of your explainer animations

Using eye-catching visuals and captivating animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention, combined with a script that adopts a clear language, the purpose of a short-form animated explainer video is to describe a specific message in a simple, and concise way.

What do we mean by…

  • Short-form – your explainer animation should be less than 90 seconds long. Now, this may not seem long, but it’s surprising how much information an animation can communicate within this time.
  • Keeping it simple – when you’re planning your video think about the basics of:
    • What’s the message?
    • Why – what’s the purpose of your video i.e. educational, informative, engagement, fundraising Who is your intended audience?
    • What is the call to action? So why create an animated explainer video for your organisation?

MESSAGING: Animated explainer videos feature animated characters that can add humour, emotion and personality – simplifying even the most complex of messages, but in a sensitive way. 

BRANDING: Because animated videos can adopt the look and feel of your organisation’s identity through colours and overall style, the folk in the marketing team will be happy too because brand identity can be reinforced through your video.

IMPACT: Explainer videos feature visual and audio content, so they can have a greater impact on the viewer than a message communicated using visual methods alone.

SEO: Feature your animation prominently on your website and you will encourage your visitors to stay longer. Doing this will also benefit your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) results because Google will consider your video as being of interest to people.

INSPIRE ACTION: Make your viewers respond to your video by adding a call to action such as subscribe to a newsletter, visit the website, make a donation, etc.

MAKE IT VIRAL: Encourage viewers to share your video on social media channels. The more engaging and informative your video is, the greater the chance people will share it.