Storytelling through animation

Thanks to a unique combination of visuals and sounds, animations offer endless creative storytelling possibilities. From developing characters and environments to crafting styles and concepts that complement your messaging, animations allow you to propel your storytelling experience to a level many other mediums can’t reach.

Harnessing animation benefits

In today’s tech-savvy era, we have the means to quickly and effortlessly produce and share digital content. However, rather than churning out endless–dare we say, meaningless–content, by taking time to create bespoke content that sparks meaningful conversations and engages viewers, you’ll reap the benefits.

Whether you’re looking to generate interest, simplify complex messages, raise awareness or evoke emotion, animations give creative freedom that no other digital medium can offer.

Creating an impactful animation

To achieve this, think about the purpose of your animation and who it’s aimed at. For example, if it’s to educate audiences, it needs to inform, engage, and capture the viewer’s attention. If it aims to raise awareness, you need it to become part of a conversation, and get people talking about it. These aims and outcomes will determine many aspects of the creative process; the script, characters, settings, music, sound effects and more.

The style of your animation will depend on the story you’re telling. Take a look at this cut-out photomontage style we used to tell the story of how the Brent Gets Wilder project worked with children to repurpose unused areas in their schools to create wildflower meadows and edible gardens.

As well as explaining the project, it also reinforces the key learning messages about biodiversity and looking after our natural heritage.

What makes animation an attractive communication tool?

Universal Accessibility

Animation is a universal language everyone understands. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak – animated stories can transcend multiple audiences.

Flexibility and Control

You can control every detail in a scene, from how it looks to how it feels. It’s like a blank canvas where you can paint your artistic vision.

Expressive Characters

Animated characters can show emotions and represent any age, background, culture or ethnicity.

Educational Value

Animation can make learning fun and easy. It can explain tricky subjects, explain complex procedures, and turn dull lessons into exciting adventures.


Animation can suit any audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re making content for kids, adults, or a super niche group – animation can do it all.


Animation can be budget-friendly. It’s often cheaper than live-action productions, especially when you need fancy sets, actors, effects, or tricky locations. That said, you could always consider combining live-action with animation.

Transcending Reality

With animation, you can break the rules of reality. You can go backwards – or forwards in time, use metaphors and explore concepts that don’t exist in the real world.

Animations offer endless possibilities. If you’d like to chat about creating a bespoke animation to tell your story, we’d love to hear from you.