Explainer animations and promotional films that tell stories, raise awareness and promote causes.

We create bespoke animations for charities that highlight important issues and convey emotive messages with sensitivity, empathy and compassion.

Why are animations good for charities?

Client quotes

“Alternative View Studios really understand our audiences. Their skill is in powerful but simple, beautifully created storytelling.”

Catherine McCarthy, CEO, Medical Aid Films

“Alternative View has delivered a stunning and effective series of training animations that crystallises the complexity of young peoples lives in relation to mental health."

Damian Hart, Merseyside Youth Assciation and Young Minds

"Alternative View Studios took time to listen and to understand the message families living with Neurodevelopmental conditions wanted to get across, creating a powerful and effective animation that receives excellent feedback from young people, parents/carers and supporting professionals."

Louise Hankinson, ADDvanced Solutions

Want to find out more?

We’ve been doing this for over 25 years, working with international clients including BBC, Cambridge University Press & Assessment, News UK, Medical Aid Films and Friend. Your creative projects will be in good hands with Alternative View Studios.

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