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Using animations to demonstrate healthcare procedures

One of the benefits animations offer to the world of healthcare is the ability to explain and simplify a range of processes and procedures, even of the most complex, and sometimes intimat...


Bringing learning to life through games and animations

What makes animations and games powerful education tools? We're more receptive to learning when we're engaged and interested in the subject in question, but achievi...


How to use animation to promote your cause

The changing dynamics of charity campaigning means we need to think differently about how we communicate to accurately reflect the people whose needs we are trying to address. Find out mo...


Using animation to promote a cause

Promoting a cause or a serious message can be quite a challenge, particularly when there are different audiences you’re trying to communicate to, maybe even different cultures and languag...


Making the most of your explainer animations

Using eye-catching visuals and captivating animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention, combined with a script that adopts a clear language, the purpose of a short-form animated exp...


10 reasons why explainer animations work for charities

1. Animations are perfect to explain even difficult messages Quite simply, animated videos are incredibly effective when it comes to explaining and simplifying even...


Christmas animations that won’t blow your budget

Season’s Greetings to one and all! We can create a bespoke Christmas animation for your company, organisation or charity that won’t blow your budget.


Introducing writer Daniel Tatarsky…

We're delighted to be working with the writer and actor Daniel Tatarsky. Daniel, who brings fantastic experience and a quirky sense of humour, will work with the Alternative View Studios ...



Many of the animations and games we develop are designed to educate and inform.

#gamification offers a way to make learning more ...enjoyable and fun, as well as increase productivity.

But what makes #HTML5 games so effective for learning?

Four ways that charities can best look after their employees’ #MentalHealth:
🧠 Create a mental health and #wellbeing policy
💬 Talk ...openly about mental health
😞 Look out for signs of poor mental health
📚 Access resources from mental health charities


We've been working with @MAFfilmsforlife for many years, and the impact they and their partners have on communities throughout the world is... invaluable. But as a charitable organisation, they rely on donations.

Please support them if you can.

Do you use infographics in your digital comms?
They're an excellent way of visually displaying multiple layers of data. By making them ...interactive and incorporating animations, you add another level of engagement.
How to create impactful infographics>

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