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Using animation to promote a cause

Promoting a cause or a serious message can be quite a challenge, particularly when there are different audiences you’re trying to communicate to, maybe even different cultures and languag...


Making the most of your explainer animations

Using eye-catching visuals and captivating animations to quickly grab the viewer’s attention, combined with a script that adopts a clear language, the purpose of a short-form animated exp...


10 reasons why explainer animations work for charities

1. Animations are perfect to explain even difficult messages Quite simply, animated videos are incredibly effective when it comes to explaining and simplifying even...


Christmas animations that won’t blow your budget

Season’s Greetings to one and all! We can create a bespoke Christmas animation for your company, organisation or charity that won’t blow your budget.


Why choose HTML5 games over apps?

Games can be used to educate, train and promote… whilst being fun at the same time.


Introducing writer Daniel Tatarsky…

We're delighted to be working with the writer and actor Daniel Tatarsky. Daniel, who brings fantastic experience and a quirky sense of humour, will work with the Alternative View Studios ...


How do we bring your animations to life?

We’re often asked how animations are brought to life, so in this blog we explain the various stages of the process once the idea and basic content outline for an animation have been agree...


Maximise your storytelling opportunities through animation

So, you recognise storytelling should feature in your organisation’s content strategy – but what works best and how can you ensure it engages your intended audience?



We've been busy creating another suite of games for @CambPressAssess English Language Teaching (ELT) department.
But what makes #HTML5Games... the best choice over apps?
Read our blog here >

User-generated content from your #charity supporters, staff, and beneficiaries adds authenticity and emotional clout to your promotion.

We ... take a look at the ways your advocates can help you create engaging #content & the charities getting it right 👉

We're hiring an Assistant! 📢 This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in production, fundraising, operations, ... digital, or the charity sector.

Apply or RT if you think someone you know might be interested: #charityjobs

Defining & implementing a #DigitalStrategy are the important 1st steps to achieving your #charity's digital goals & objectives.

But... in an age where tech is quickly evolving, you also need to be able to adapt, change, & shift your strategy with the times 👇

This week is #IMHAW2022 so we thought we'd share some of the animations we created for @PVIMedia's client @Kidogo_ECD

These important ... messages focus on early childhood development and the importance of the first #1001days.

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