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Creating great videos and animations at home

As Covid-19 continues to spread, and people are working from home where possible. This presents challenges but also opportunities to embrace new ways of connectin...


How to create an impactful infographic

An infographic is an excellent way of visually displaying multiple layers of data. When we’re designing an infographic, we have a checklist to work through with the client:


How to use Instagram to communicate charity messages

We’ve talked in the past about how social media is a powerful tool for communication, but in this article, we wanted to focus specifically on Instagram’s image-focused approach.


How to maximise your digital marketing opportunities

We live and work in a world in which digital marketing opportunities are constantly emerging, and new trends will no doubt continue to dominate the marketing communications agenda moving ...


Celebrating 20 years of business

Well, that went quickly! 1998 was ...


Using animations to demonstrate healthcare procedures

One of the benefits animations offer to the world of healthcare is the ability to explain and simplify a range of processes and procedures, even of the most complex, and sometimes intimat...


Bringing learning to life through games and animations

What makes animations and games powerful education tools? We're more receptive to learning when we're engaged and interested in the subject in question, but achievi...


How to use animation to promote your cause

The changing dynamics of charity campaigning means we need to think differently about how we communicate to accurately reflect the people whose needs we are trying to address. Find out mo...



We've been busy creating another suite of games for @CambPressAssess English Language Teaching (ELT) department.
But what makes #HTML5Games... the best choice over apps?
Read our blog here >

User-generated content from your #charity supporters, staff, and beneficiaries adds authenticity and emotional clout to your promotion.

We ... take a look at the ways your advocates can help you create engaging #content & the charities getting it right 👉

We're hiring an Assistant! 📢 This is a great opportunity for someone looking to gain experience in production, fundraising, operations, ... digital, or the charity sector.

Apply or RT if you think someone you know might be interested: #charityjobs

Defining & implementing a #DigitalStrategy are the important 1st steps to achieving your #charity's digital goals & objectives.

But... in an age where tech is quickly evolving, you also need to be able to adapt, change, & shift your strategy with the times 👇

This week is #IMHAW2022 so we thought we'd share some of the animations we created for @PVIMedia's client @Kidogo_ECD

These important ... messages focus on early childhood development and the importance of the first #1001days.

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