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Covid-19: The impact on digital learning trends

Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to countries throughout the world. With the need for "social distancing" imposed in the space of weeks, schools and education providers wor...


How to create games for learning

Online games can provide a unique opportunity to encourage learning while also being entertaining, engaging and enjoyable.


WordPress: Why is it the preferred choice for CMS websites?

For businesses looking to create, manage and modify content on their websites without the need for specialised technical...


Creating great videos and animations at home

As Covid-19 continues to spread, and people are working from home where possible. This presents challenges but also opportunities to embrace new ways of connectin...


How to create an impactful infographic

An infographic is an excellent way of visually displaying multiple layers of data. When we’re designing an infographic, we have a checklist to work through with the client:


How to use Instagram to communicate charity messages

We’ve talked in the past about how social media is a powerful tool for communication, but in this article, we wanted to focus specifically on Instagram’s image-focused approach.


How to maximise your digital marketing opportunities

We live and work in a world in which digital marketing opportunities are constantly emerging, and new trends will no doubt continue to dominate the marketing communications agenda moving ...


Celebrating 20 years of business

Well, that went quickly! 1998 was quite a year; Microsoft became the biggest company in the world, poor David Beckham was labelled the nation’s villain after that red card in the England game against Argentina...



Many of the animations and games we develop are designed to educate and inform.

#gamification offers a way to make learning more ...enjoyable and fun, as well as increase productivity.

But what makes #HTML5 games so effective for learning?

Four ways that charities can best look after their employees’ #MentalHealth:
🧠 Create a mental health and #wellbeing policy
💬 Talk ...openly about mental health
😞 Look out for signs of poor mental health
📚 Access resources from mental health charities


We've been working with @MAFfilmsforlife for many years, and the impact they and their partners have on communities throughout the world is... invaluable. But as a charitable organisation, they rely on donations.

Please support them if you can.

Do you use infographics in your digital comms?
They're an excellent way of visually displaying multiple layers of data. By making them ...interactive and incorporating animations, you add another level of engagement.
How to create impactful infographics>

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