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How HTML5 Games Can Benefit Education

Whilst gamification isn’t a new concept, incorporating game-like elements into non-gaming activities can enhance engagement and motivate learners.


Working with a digital creative agency

So you’ve decided your organisation needs the support and services of a professional digital expert to create some amazing creative content.


Writing an animation creative brief

Whether you’re working with an agency for the first time or have a long-term relationship, every animation project requires a concise creative brief. Investing time at this stage will pay...


How much does an animation cost?

How much will it cost? One of the first questions we hear when someone is exploring the possibility of having an animation created for their organisation.


How To Create An Animation For Education

So you've decided to create a bespoke animation to support your training or education package. But where do you start? Whilst there is a range of software out there that allows you to cre...


Benefits Of Using Animation In Education

Although there was an increase in the use of online learning during the Covid-19 lockdown, we've seen this trend on the rise way before the pandemic. As educators look for ways to make th...


Why choose HTML5 games over apps?

Games can be used to educate, train and promote… whilst being fun at the same time.


Exploring tools to create animations

We couldn’t create engaging animations without the use of specialist software, so we thought we’d give a brief insight into some of the tools we use.



Great to see the #animation we created for LEAP London @CarolineDSouza6 being shared so widely.
There are small things we can all do to ...boost #biodiversity and teaching children how this can be done - in a fun way - is essential.
#storytelling #digitalagency #climatechange

We can all do something to boost #biodiversity and combat #climate change! Children from @BrentfieldSch @RoeGreenJS show you how, in our ...animation made with @AV_Studios Watch the full animation here @HeritageFundL_S #schools #green #environment

We've loved working with @CarolineDSouza6
Funded by @HeritageFundUK, The Wild in Brent project enabled children who don't have access to space at home to repurpose unused areas in their schools & create wildflower meadows & edible gardens

25 million children around the world missed out on one or more doses of life-saving vaccines in 2021.

We supported @MAFfilmsforlife and ...@COREGroupDC to create and animation for this critical project. Available in English, Kiswahili, French and Arabic.

Around 12.4M children globally haven’t received one vaccine, which puts them at a higher risk of dying of preventable causes. Together ...with @COREGroupDC & @gavi we’re raising awareness so no child is left behind.

Watch our latest films: #VaccinesWork

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