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Animated content for marketing

In today’s market, building video into your marketing strategy is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. Videos, in particular animated content, can be incredibly effective in driving brand awareness and increasing conversions. 


How HTML5 Games Can Benefit Education

Whilst gamification isn’t a new concept, incorporating game-like elements into non-gaming activities can enhance engagement and motivate learners.


Working with a digital creative agency

So you’ve decided your organisation needs the support and services of a professional digital expert to create some amazing creative content.


Writing an animation creative brief

Whether you’re working with an agency for the first time or have a long-term relationship, every animation project requires a concise creative brief. Investing time at this stage will pay...


How much does an animation cost?

How much will it cost? One of the first questions we hear when someone is exploring the possibility of having an animation created for their organisation.


How To Create An Animation For Education

So you've decided to create a bespoke animation to support your training or education package. But where do you start? Whilst there is a range of software out there that allows you to cre...


Benefits Of Using Animation In Education

Although there was an increase in the use of online learning during the Covid-19 lockdown, we've seen this trend on the rise way before the pandemic. As educators look for ways to make th...


Why choose HTML5 games over apps?

Games can be used to educate, train and promote… whilst being fun at the same time.



One of the latest additions to the suite of editable templated #html5games we've designed and developed for @CambPressAssess 
Learners can... play the games through the Cambridge One platform.
Take a look at the game and others we've created in the series >

If you're planning to appoint a creative agency, the key to a successful project starts with a great brief.

Read our tips on how to write ...a creative brief for your animation.
#DigitalAgency #AnimationStudio

The right voice-over can make a huge difference to an animation.
The real-life authentic voice-over in this animation is based on the ...voice notes exchanged in the months that followed the Taliban's return to power.
It brings a different dimension.

Always special when your work gets special recognition - especially when it's from the @WHO as part of the Health For All #Film4Health ...awards among so many amazing entries. 🤩
Watch our animation for Brent Gets Wilder here >
#biodiversity #animation

How HTML5 Games Can Benefit Education
#Gamification isn’t a new concept, but educators are reaping the benefits of using gamified ...teaching tools that make learning more enjoyable and increase productivity.
Read more here >

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